Who We Are

Alexandra “Spicey” Lande


Founder & CEO Alexandra “Spicey” Landé’s love for street dance began at an early age.

For over 15 years, Spicey has been teaching and studying Hip-Hop dance in the Montreal region and throughout Canada. She has grown to become one of the most respected street dance teacher and choreographer in the country. In 2005 Spicey founded Unkut Productions; a company dedicated to urban theater production and event coordination, allowing her to further build her legacy in the Canadian urban dance scene. The first fruit of Unkut Productions was Bust a Move a street dance convention created with the purpose of uniting streetdancers in a friendly competitive atmosphere. Spicey’s understanding and respect of the Hip Hop culture is admirably portrayed in all of her work and endeavors. She is currently focusing on Festival Bust A Move’s operations with the intention of establishing it as part of Montreal’s cultural patrimony.