BAM Workshops offer a series of classes designed to spread valuable information and history through the street dance community.  Dance workshops are taught by our world renown judges in their respective styles throughout the festival. In addition to the dance workshops, this year’s edition will be hosting fitness and injury prevention classes, tailored specifically to the needs of dancers.

Most BAM WORKSHOPS are accessible to dancers of all levels.


** Private classes are available contact us for more information on rates and availability **

BAM 12 Workshop Schedule & Prices


Kids Hip Hop with Leah Mcfly 2h00 – 3h30pm @ La Tohu 



House with Caleaf 12h00 – 1h30pm @ Diss Torsion – Local A

Locking with Adesola 12h00 – 1h30pm @ Diss Torsion – Local B

Popping with Popin Pete 1h45 – 3h15pm @ Diss Torsion – Local A

Waacking with Tyrone Proctor1h45 – 3h15pm @ Diss Torsion – Local B

Hip hop with Jr Boogie 3h30 – 5h00pm @ Diss Torsion – Local A

Bboying with Abstrak 3h30 – 5h00pm @ Diss Torsion – Local B

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